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Blaca Floral Ring Box

Blaca Floral Ring Box

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Introducing a mini and exquisite everlasting flower wedding ring box, perfect for storing and showcasing engagement rings and wedding bands.

This ring box may feature an exquisite design to highlight the value and beauty of wedding rings. It may be crafted with high-quality materials and exquisite craftsmanship to ensure it looks elegant and unique.

The box may be adorned with everlasting flowers or other decorations to enhance the romantic and wedding atmosphere. These Japan preserved flowers may be specially treated to maintain a fresh appearance for a long time.

This allows you to store both your engagement and wedding rings in the same box.

This ring box is not only suitable for wedding rings but can also be used for other jewelry items such as necklaces, earrings, etc., to keep them safe and intact.

    Doesn't come with the rings as shown in the image, but it comes with a box ready for gifting.

    Dimensions: (L) 10 x (W) 10 x (H) 8 cm

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    Please refer to our Delivery Policy


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    I want to look at your products before purchasing. Do you have a physical store?

    Unfortunately, we do not have a physical store for visiting purposes. To have a physical store is our goal! Let us know if you know any ideal commercial area with a great deal!


    Can I customise my order?

    Case-by-case basis. As extra time and effort will be taken to customise your order, there will be a S$20 design consultation surcharge. Email us at with the following details:
    1.  Type of Product (eg: bell jar):
    2. Preferred type of flowers (eg: rose):
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    Materials & Care

    What are preserved flowers?

    Preserved flowers are real and natural flowers that have undergone a special chemical process to maintain their beauty and freshness with no need for water or sunlight.

    How long can preserved flowers last?

    Preserved flowers typically can last up to 2 year or more. It will not wilt.

    Do preserved flowers require special care?

    Taking care of preserved flowers requires a delicate touch and attention to specific conditions. Here are some general tips for preserving the beauty of your dried flowers:

    • Avoid Direct Sunlight: Keep preserved flowers away from direct sunlight, as exposure can cause them to fade over time.
    • Control Humidity: Preserved flowers are sensitive to humidity. It's best to place them in a dry environment. Consider using Silica Gel or Dehumidifiers to maintain low humidity levels.
    • Indoor Placement: Keep preserved flowers indoors to protect them from the elements and maintain their vibrant colors.
    • Well-Ventilated Space: Ensure the area where you display the preserved flowers is well-ventilated. Good airflow helps prevent the growth of mold or mildew.
    • Avoid Water: Unlike fresh flowers, preserved flowers don't need water. In fact, exposing them to water can lead to deterioration. Keep them away from damp or humid places.
    • Dust Off Gently: Dust can accumulate on preserved flowers over time. Use soft brushes or a gentle duster to remove dust, taking care not to damage the delicate petals.
    • Handle with Care: Preserved flowers can be delicate, so handle them with care. Avoid excessive touching or squeezing, as this may cause petals to break or lose their shape
    • Periodic Inspection: Regularly inspect your preserved flowers for any signs of decay, discoloration, or mold. If you notice any issues, address them promptly.
    • Avoid Drastic Temperature Changes: Sudden changes in temperature can affect preserved flowers. Try to keep them in a stable environment without drastic temperature fluctuations.
    By following these care tips, you can extend the lifespan of your preserved flowers and enjoy their beauty for a longer period.

    How long can dried flowers last?

    Dried flowers can typically last up to 6 months or more.

    Do dried flowers require special care?

    Yes. Dried flowers are more fragile than fresh flowers and preserved flowers. It can breaks easily. Avoid humid areas because it may absorb moisture and make certain dried flowers 'wilt'.

    Delivery & Self-Pickup

    We offer the following delivery options within Singapore only.

    • Standard Delivery 10am - 6pm

    • Express Delivery 9am - 1pm

    • Express Delivery 2pm - 6pm

    Self-Collection is also available by appointment at 14 Arumugam Rd, #04-01A LTC Building C, Singapore 409959

    You may select these options and dates at the Cart page once an item is added.

    For more information, check out our Delivery Policy.


    No two flowers grow the same and no two handcrafted items are exactly the same.

    We make every effort to recreate our arrangement as pictured. All final products will be one-of-a-kind exclusively made for you.

    For more information, click here.

    Contact Us

    Most enquiries can be found in our website by clicking the links under Support at the Footer or you may reach us via the following channels for any enquiries, customisation, special requests and/or collaborations. 



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