About Us

Handcrafting beautiful flowers that are memorable and practical for everyone. 

Preserved flowers are perceived as luxury goods. But to us, our mission is to make it practical and memorable. And by succeeding this, it's the value behind that we are looking at. According to Don Norman's TedTalk, a good design that makes you happy is when it is really beautifully balance, functional and there is a story to be told.

All our flower products are meticulously produced and require highly skilled craftsmanship. Starting from sourcing inspiring preserved and dried flower materials, to putting thoughts in creating each designs, to curating each pieces of flowers and fillers, and to the final packaging. We put lots of time and effort in crafting it for you because we know it will definitely worth it.

Dried Daisies

SJÖ means seven in Icelandic. It represents our favourite number, our birth dates and our shared love for Iceland’s minimalist style. By browsing our product descriptions, you probably get to know more about Iceland and even the myths. We are not Icelander. We are just people who embrace equality, appreciate art, enjoy music and love nature.

We are currently a one-and-a-half man team. We understand that you might be eager to get a response from us quickly, but we only have one and a half pair of hands to craft preserved flower arrangements and to arrange flower deliveries. So, we seek for your kind patience when placing orders with us. However, do not let this deter you from contacting us! We are always happy to hear from you, and strive to get back to you soonest.