Yuè Yuè the Bunny Presents: SJÖ Flora's CNY Exclusives

Yuè Yuè the Bunny Presents: SJÖ Flora's CNY Exclusives

Welcoming spring is all about hope and new beginnings – just like the beautiful flowers that emerge after their slumber in the winter season. That is why Chinese New Year (CNY) and flowers go together hand in hand like a match made in heaven! Whether you are adorning your home in preparation for visitors or looking for a presentable gift for someone else, the bright hues of spring blossoms are an apt way to bring prosperous cheer to your loved ones. 

While we may not have real spring in Singapore, here at SJÖ Flora, we have found a way that you can enjoy it nonetheless; using preserved and dried flowers. By doing so, you can enjoy vivid florals throughout all 15 days of CNY and possibly even longer with the proper floral care steps. If you’re considering going down the route of dried and preserved florals for your CNY décor this year, allow our CNY mascot of the year, Yuè Yuè the bunny, to introduce our CNY exclusives to you!


1. Happy CNY Tù You

Happy CNY Tù You

Let Yuè Yuè the bunny help you wish a peaceful, healthy, and very Happy CNY Tù You and your loved ones, while sitting atop this cheery floral vase that is equal parts elegant and festive-looking! The highlight of this auspicious arrangement is Yuè Yuè the rabbit, handcrafted using artificial ping pong chrysanthemum to symbolise elegance, beauty, and longevity. But amongst the florals, exquisite Macherie roses imported from Japan are the star of the arrangement. 

Pink, red, and gold tones, along with traditional Chinese detailing on the uniquely designed floral box, create a perfect blend of modern and timeless, suitable for gifting to the young and old. If you have been looking for a bunny-themed décor that is stylish and classy, look no further – this is your answer.


2. Get FuQi

Get FuQi

During Chinese New Year, on everyone’s tongue are well wishes for good fortune and prosperity to their loved ones and even strangers on the street. With this in mind, ‘Get FuQi’ (get fortune) communicates these blessings in an ultra-festive floral vase in vibrant shades of red, orange, and gold to create an auspicious ambience. 

A delicate balance is struck using the sola flower as the focal point, backed by artificial gold ginkgo leaves, red berries, and an assortment of filler flowers. As a finishing touch, ornaments like the ‘nian’ (the monster associated with CNY that is the star of the lion dance) and gourd hang upon the floral arrangement with words of blessings to everyone who stops to admire it.


3. Hop Ong The New Year 


Hop ong – and into – the Year of the Rabbit with this festive floral arrangement that is made to symbolise ‘Ong’ (prosperity) and usher in energy, prosperity, and good luck to your friends and family!

Gold and orange tones form the basis of the Hop Ong The New Year arrangement, with cheery orange preserved roses and dried pussy willows working in harmony to elevate the new year vibes. This premium floral arrangement lends a luxurious touch to any space, making it ready for welcoming guests or making the perfect impression on your business partners and co-workers.



Don’t miss your chance to get into the CNY mood right away with these beautiful floral arrangements! Lovingly handcrafted by our team at SJÖ Flora, these designs will be a wonderful addition to any space for the festive period. If you prefer something more versatile and all-season-ready, you may also love our preserved flower jars, which are great for gifting and displaying at any time of the year.

As Chinese New Year is often a peak period for flower orders, we suggest placing your order in advance to ensure availability for your preferred blooms. With every order, enjoy the added benefits of dried and preserved flower delivery in Singapore, where you can receive your blooms right at your doorstep or have them delivered straight to your recipient. For special enquiries such as customisations or corporate orders, please get in touch with us before placing your order.

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