How To Care For Preserved Floral Bouquets And Arrangements

How To Care For Preserved Floral Bouquets And Arrangements

One of the reasons preserved flowers have become quite popular nowadays is that they last much longer than their fresh cut counterparts. These flowers are meant to look beautiful for a long time, but of course, nothing is perfect. It’s normal for the petals to lose their shine after a period of time but with some minor maintenance, you can be sure that your preserved floral arrangements still look as stunning as when you first got them. Here are some essentials to giving your preserved blooms a little tender loving care.


Keep them out of direct sunlight 

As with all flowers, it is important to avoid exposing preserved bouquets and arrangements to heat or sunlight. In order to prevent discolouration, you should aim to place your flowers in a cool, shady area. If you want to decorate your kitchen with preserved flowers, you’ll want to place them away from your stove, oven, or refrigerator to avoid damaging them. If your arrangement comes with special care instructions, do take some time to read them as different kinds of arrangements might have their own ideal environments.


Don’t wet them 

One of the advantages of preserved flowers is that they don’t need regular watering to stay alive. However, they’re still sensitive to humidity. An excess of humidity can decrease the shelf life of your preserved flowers and they should also not be exposed to water so as to retain the organic materials and properties that make them last. For example, don't leave them out in the rain, or put them in a vase of water. Cool and dry environments would be ideal to slow down their degradation and prevent them from getting mouldy. The weather's humid here in Singapore - so keep your balcony doors closed and move your flowers indoors to an enclosed or air conditioned environment on rainy days.


Store them in a jar or case

Preserved flowers can add a touch of beauty to any home, but even when kept indoors, there are multiple factors in play. Storing them in a container or bell jar will minimise the effects of humidity, which is one of the main causes of flower decay. At the same time, they also make for attractive additions to any room. This can help your arrangement last longer, especially if you live in an area with higher levels of humidity.


Clean them gently

If you want to clean your flowers or remove dust from them, the best way is to use a dry cool air stream instead of spraying something on them or wetting them. Anything that contains water can damage the flowers and potentially break down the preservatives over time. You’ll also want to avoid crushing or pressing on them, as well as using anything sharp and abrasive, as these flowers can be particularly delicate and easily damaged. 

Preserved floral arrangements are a staple of both formal and casual home decor, offering a long-lasting way to bring some nature into your home. While they’ll last for years, you’ll want to take care of them properly to ensure their longevity and beauty. SJÖ Flora is a florist providing same day preserved flowers delivery in Singapore, flower bell jars and other floral arrangements for any occasion. Check out our site for more information about our products!

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