We Customised CNY Flower Boxes For Cycle & Carriage!

We Customised CNY Flower Boxes For Cycle & Carriage!

How has everyone’s Chinese New Year (CNY) break been? Our team at SJÖ Flora is back and raring to go after a good rest, but we can’t do so without first recapping one notable project we received for CNY!

In the lead-up to CNY, we received a request for a bulk order of floral arrangements for a client’s VIP customers. It came from Cycle & Carriage, a Southeast Asian automotive group widely known in Singapore for being the distributor of Mercedes-Benz, Mitsubishi, and Kia cars here. 

It goes without saying that we were immensely honoured and delighted to receive this opportunity to work in partnership with a prominent company in the region. So, we accepted the request without hesitation and got down to business.


Premium floral arrangement for Cycle & Carriage

In their brief to our team, Cycle & Carriage requested floral arrangements as CNY gifts for their VIP customers. We knew that we needed to go for something that looked premium yet professional to suit the image of Cycle & Carriage and the esteemed clients they serve. At the same time, the floral arrangement should look positively festive and spread the good cheer of the season.

After some discussions, we agreed to base the preserved and dried floral arrangement on the design of our CNY special, Get FuQi, which is made up of primarily red hues and some artificial gold fillers. The highlights of the arrangement are the beautiful blooming sola flower and bright orange hydrangeas, which together symbolise a wish for good fortune, happiness, and luck. It is our wish that this floral arrangement will impress its recipients and add an auspicious ambience to their office or home for CNY! 


Customised to perfection


Customised to perfection 

For Cycle & Carriage, this corporate gifting activity was also an opportunity to strengthen their customer relations and promote brand recall, so strong branding was a must. In this case, the automotive company customised their own boxes for the floral arrangement, with their choice of CNY greetings and their brand logo stamped in gold foil. Then, our SJÖ Flora team adapted the design of Get FuQi to suit the size and shape of the box for a well-balanced arrangement.  

Here is the final result of our specially customised preserved and dried flower arrangement for Cycle & Carriage. We hope the VIP recipients were happy to receive their gifts!


Check out our short video here: https://youtu.be/JBmS0Z0Wo2A.


With that, we have completed yet another corporate order this year. We are immensely humbled to have the opportunity to work with esteemed brands in Singapore and the region, spreading the joy and beauty of florals along the way.

If you wish to use flowers as part of your corporate gifting strategy, SJÖ Flora has got your back. Besides our day-to-day fulfilment of dried flower delivery in Singapore, we also customise and create commercial flower arrangements according to your requirements because we understand the need to stand out and reflect your brand’s image. For those who wish to interact more personally with their customers and partners, you could even consider engaging us to conduct a hands-on activity to create your own preserved flower jar, like in the floral workshop we held with Bulgari last year.

Want to know more about our products and services for corporate purposes? Contact us today for a discussion of your project! 

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