The Top Wedding Floral Trends Of Today You Will Love

The Top Wedding Floral Trends Of Today You Will Love

Flowers have always been an important part of our lives, adding a splash of colour, vitality, and life to any gathering. From the most intimate and romantic moments to birthdays, anniversaries and many more, they truly are a symbol of love and life. Over the years, we've seen some pretty big changes in the wedding industry. Whether it’s the way we walk down the aisle, or who we're walking with, even our floral trends are also constantly changing with the times. Here's a look at some of our favourite ways brides are decorating their weddings with flowers.


Dried flowers and grasses

Trends come and go, but the rustic theme remains in vogue as it has for the past several years. Dried flowers are already having a big moment, with their ability to add a bit of a vintage cottagecore and are the focal point of many wedding arrangements today. Whether it’s an assortment of wildflowers or foliage, pampas grass or other dried accents, couples are looking for more texture and something other than the usual roses and tulips - organic, earthy details that add that touch of nature to their big day. Whether you're opting for a full-out rustic ceremony or something a bit more modern, dried flowers and grasses will be making appearances in arrangements everywhere.



When you think of wedding flowers, you’ll probably picture soft pink hydrangeas and white roses, a wedding staple and another trend showing no signs of slowing down. While the traditional white and pink wedding palette is still popular, you can also expect to see more different hues like purple, yellow, lavender, mint and baby blue in the mix. The great thing about pastels is that they’re so delicate and light; their natural beauty is subtle and understated, which is why they're perfect for weddings - whimsical and magical, but not extreme or overbearing. And not only are they timeless options, they also happen to pair well with just about everything.


Bolder Colours

People like to complain that weddings are all the same, with couples following the trend of a white dress or the usual ballroom wedding reception. But now more than ever, we’re seeing people do things their own way. In fact, lots of people add colour to their weddings in unexpected ways, like having a little touch of orange or purple somewhere to give it a pop of vibrancy - and we’re totally here for it! Colour can give personality to your wedding in a way that makes it yours alone and the more personality you bring to your wedding, the better. You could go with a traditional palette of ivory and greenery, but by experimenting with a splash of bolder colour, you instantly make your wedding more interesting and memorable.

Today, getting married is more than just a celebration of your love, it's an event to throw with all of its own themes, motifs and designs — and this includes your bouquet and the floral decorations on your big day. Preserved and dried flowers have been a huge trend in the wedding industry for years, adding a rustic chic touch to the overall look. And because they're not wilting, they last much longer than traditional fresh cuts, as long as proper care for your preserved florals is taken. Here at SJÖ Flora, we are passionate about all things flowers and offer same day dried flowers deliveries in Singapore, as well as our own line of handmade preserved flowers wedding bouquets. Enquire with us to find out more!

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