How We Spruced Up A Luxury Condo's Lobby With Faux Flowers

How We Spruced Up A Luxury Condo's Lobby With Faux Flowers

Whether you like it lush and modern or rustic and cosy, flowers are the undisputed queens when it comes to adding that touch of warmth and liveliness to any living space. Recently, we had the honour to do just that for Martin Modern, a luxurious condominium located in the hip and bustling District 9 of Singapore!

Developed by Guocoland, who also oversees condominiums like Leedon Residence and Goodwood Residence, Martin Modern boasts a distinctive botanical-meets-urban living concept. Our task was to supply artificial plants for their condominium lobbies, which would adhere to their luxurious, modern identity while livening up the interior space.

Here are some highlights of our partnership journey with Martin Modern;


Martin Modern: Lush greenery and modern luxury

It was worth understanding the style concept and identity of Martin Modern before we began. Designed by award-winning architect Yip Yuen Hong, the two residential towers of Martin Modern bear a rugged exterior – harkening back to the area’s history as a warehouse district. The buildings are ensconced within an oasis of flora, creating a peaceful retreat from the busy world outside. A lavish ambience is achieved throughout by maximising the sense of spaciousness created by the strategic placement and sizes of windows, expansive green spaces, and lush views.

Lavish Ambience

The lobby areas we were asked to adorn were of a lush and modern interior style with a monochrome – primarily black – palette. Black marble walls and floors, dark wood furniture, monochrome abstract wall art, and warm, dim lighting make up the lobby area. We agreed that flowers would be a wonderful way to instantly add warmth and a sense of life into the space, countering the ‘coldness’ of the extensive black marbled surfaces. 

Lobby Areas


Fulfilling the vision for Martin Modern 

Our contact person at Martin Modern provided some very helpful reference images of the type of plants and placements they envisioned for the florals, so we knew immediately what to look for. From the plant selection to the pots and pot stands, we got around to sourcing every piece of the puzzle to fulfil their vision for a livelier, warmer lobby. 

It didn’t take long before all parts were gathered and finally assembled into place. Looking at the reference photos and our end result below, we think our team did a job well done – what do you think?

Type Of Plants
 Plants Placements 
Plant Selection

We really love the end result, especially the choice of flowers that complement the space well with grace and elegance! Opting for artificial flowers was also a wise decision, as they are low maintenance and long-lasting, similar to preserved and dried flowers – perfect for a busy lobby area without the need to replace the flowers often.

We would like to extend a big thank-you to Martin Modern for the opportunity to spruce up their lobby areas. It delights us to know that our floral arrangements would be enjoyed by the residents and management who walk through the doors of the condominium each day.

Martin Modern 

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