5 Wedding Floral Essentials Your Wedding Should Have

5 Wedding Floral Essentials Your Wedding Should Have

Weddings and flowers go together hand-in-hand, as though they are the most natural thing in the world. Flowers have been long used as decoration for events, and their romantic qualities make them an indispensable part of any wedding. If you’re in the blessed position to plan a wedding for yourself or a loved one, it may astound you at first to hear about all the types of flower items that go into one wedding. From the bridal bouquet to the venue decorations, it may all seem a bit overwhelming.

While engaging an experienced wedding florist will be half the battle won, it’s still a good idea to understand all these elements and decide if they are necessary for the wedding you are planning. So, let’s find out what these floral wedding arrangements are all about!


Bridal bouquet

Bridal Bouquet

Usually regarded as the most important floral item in a wedding, the bridal bouquet is what the bride holds as she walks down the aisle. While most people simply accept that the bridal bouquet is there for its beauty, the supposed origins of this tradition are more unique than you think. Some possible reasons were that flowers acted as perfume for the bride or to ward off evil and attract good luck.

Questionable history aside, these days, the preserved flower bridal hand bouquet in Singapore remains a staple at weddings for its beauty and romantic nature. Of course, its central role in the bouquet toss is also one big reason you shouldn’t give this a miss!




A posy may seem very similar to a bridal bouquet, as it is also a handheld bunch of flowers. In fact, they are essentially the same thing, except that the posies are smaller. In a wedding, posies are typically held by the flower girl or bridesmaids, frequently in a matching style to the one the bride has.

As posies will be carried around for quite a bit on that day, creating an arrangement that is secure and hardy is crucial. For this reason, dried and preserved flowers make a good choice for bridesmaid posies. Schedule your preserved flower delivery in Singapore with SJÖ Flora to get them all ready in time for the big day!




 Shrink a posy down to its tiniest form, and you will get the boutonniere. What actually defines a boutonniere is that it can be attached to a piece of clothing, usually by pinning it to the lapel of a suit. In mediaeval times, female admirers would gift their love interest a small item like a scarf or flower to bring with them to battle, showing that the man has the support of a woman behind him. This is what became the boutonniere today.

While the boutonniere is to the groom what the bouquet is to the bride, other persons in the bridal party may also be given boutonnieres to put on, such as the groomsmen or the parents of the bride and groom. With ever-evolving trends, there’s no right or wrong as to who should wear a boutonniere at a wedding.



Typically, women wear corsages to commemorate special occasions – wedding included. They act as a way to honour a person, as a means of group identification, and an overall flattering complement to any outfit. No matter the setting, a corsage is bound to make for a charming addition!

You're free to offer any loved ones a corsage to wear, as there are no hard and fast rules concerning who gets to wear a corsage at a wedding. But while the bride and her bridesmaids are usually carrying bouquets, other family members and friends may wear the corsage instead. This includes mothers, stepmothers (if any), grandmothers, female attendants, close friends, and the like.


Floral arch

Floral Arch 

Whether you choose to arch or not to arch, there is no denying that floral arches provide a stunning focal point for a wedding. Floral arches have the ability to transform any intimate solemnisation into a romantic and elegant ceremony. They simply add a touch of flair to any wedding ceremony, drawing the attendee's eyes to a specific area with its gorgeous preserved and dried flowers flawlessly decorated along the sides. These arches work really well as an entrance for the bride and groom, a unique decor piece at your reception, or an alternative to the standard altar. Not only are they stunning to look at, but they are all-around capable of setting the mood for the big day.

More than just a statement piece, a special symbolism surrounds wedding floral arches. It is believed that curved arches reflect the couple's future home as they embark on their new life together. On the other hand, arches with doors depict the journey from the past to the future. And lastly, square arches represent stability, one that is favourable for a young married pair.



A wedding can be fully decked out with flowers or contain just the bare minimum of florals. The ones highlighted above are three of the core flower items that almost every wedding will have. 

In terms of floral wedding trends, more couples are considering dried and preserved florals for their wedding in recent years due to a preference for rustic looks and more resilient bouquets. If you think dried and preserved flowers are for you, let SJÖ Flora accompany you on your wedding day. Have a specific arrangement or theme in mind, or just want to find out more about wedding florals? We welcome you to contact us at SJÖ Flora to begin discussions today!

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