5 Creative Ideas To Repurpose Your Bouquet Of Dried Flowers

5 Creative Ideas To Repurpose Your Bouquet Of Dried Flowers

Dried flowers are flowers that have been dehydrated so that they can have long-lasting beauty. Over the past couple of years, dried flowers in a bell jar or a bouquet of them have become quite the popular options for gifts on many occasions like Valentine’s Day and anniversaries. Besides being a sought-after choice for a thoughtful gift, dried flowers come in a variety of uses. If you have ever been gifted a dried flower bouquet from SJÖ Flora, here are some of the most creative things you can do with them.


1. Put them in a vase and use them as décor 

A classic yet attractive way to display your dried flowers in the house is by having them arranged beautifully in a vase. Begin by inserting a floral foam at your jar’s base. Afterwards, equally distribute the tallest foliage, organise the bigger dried flowers or leaves, and trim the lengths of the stems as you proceed to create your desired arrangement. You can utilise whatever style of vase to create a beautiful centrepiece. Fill it with either lavender or rice flowers to add more personality – ultimately, let your creativity flow as you arrange the flowers to your liking.


2. Weave them into a flower crown

If the hippie culture appeals to you, you will undoubtedly appreciate a boho-inspired flower crown. Using all your dried flowers, you can create a stunning dried flower crown that features all wild and natural textures in charming tones. If you have an upcoming wedding, incorporating flower crowns made of dried flowers into your theme would be a brilliant idea – they are sure to add to the rustic theme of your wedding and can be kept as keepsakes of the day.


3. Add them to gift wrapping

Aside from being the present itself, dried flowers can also be used to make other gifts more aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. Add a floral touch to all types of gift wrapping by attaching small dried flower bouquets to them. Make use of twine to wrap your present, and then have your dried flower bouquet placed on top of the twine. Finally, tie it off with a bow or a knot, which will leave you with a more captivating and unique present.


4. Glue them to your cards, personal letters, or journal 

Many people love the personal sentiment that is brought by pressing flowers and making gift cards. To upgrade your letters or cards and make them more personality-packed, consider glueing some exquisite pressed dried flowers to them. If you’re into writing journal entries, you can also level up the way your journal looks and feels by decorating it with dried flowers.


5. Use them to make floral resin coasters

If you have a coffee table at home, making do-it-yourself (DIY) floral resin coasters out of dried flowers is a great idea to elevate your coffee table style-wise while simultaneously being a usable item. While at it, this can also double as a bonding activity with your children or family members on a relaxing afternoon. All in all, dried flower resin coasters will keep your coffee table free from undesirable stains and have your living room look more sophisticated at the same time.



There are plenty of fun, creative things you can do with dried flowers. With your bouquet of stunning dried flowers and a little bit of creativity, you can come up with different works of art that come with several uses, too. If you’re looking for high-quality dried flowers in Singapore for delivery, SJÖ Flora is a wonderful place to find them! Our unique and elegant creations cater to an extensive range of occasions and purposes. Check out our site to learn more about our offers.

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