Top 9 Valentine’s Preserved Flower Gifts

Valentine's Day is around the corner! The day we celebrate love on 14th February. The day where we see lots of couples carrying bouquets on the street. Over here, we have prepared our top 9 most recommended Valentine's gifts from our collection.


To Forever

The traditional Valentine's bouquet that has 9 stalks of red roses signify forever love ❤️. What's good about this bouquet? It's filled with preserved Baby's Breath.



The current favourite cappuccino rose colour in the trending Russian styled bouquet. Just like a cup of cappuccino for coffee lovers ☕️  or someone who are into vintage and rustic.



Not sure which colour he/she likes? Rainbow baby breath would be your safe choice. It’s the beauty after rain. 🌈


Beauty & the Beast LED Bell Jar

The classic preserved flower gift to show that you have learned to love and earn the love, just like the Disney movie. 🥀


Bucket of Love

Sick of giving bouquets? You can easily grab-and-go this bucket of flowers and easily place on any surface to surprise him/her!


3-Tier Jewellery Box

The Valentine’s gift for fiancé and/or spouse to keep your special rings and his/her jewelleries. 💍



If flower is just an add-on to your Valentine’s day, this would be your choice! It is also a suitable gift for your baby girls. 👧🏼


Happy Box

Our signature floral box where you can personalised and add LED. If you have a higher budget, go for Happy Love.



The simple, big, budget-friendly and convenient Valentine’s gift. He/she can carry it like a shoulder bag and show off on Valentine’s Day!


Hope this could ease up your decision on which Valentine's day gift to choose. All orders come with free standard delivery! View all Valentine's Collection and place your order now. While stock last!


Happy Valentine's Day love birds! --From SJÖ Team