Blossoming Fortunes: Unveiling Our 2024 Chinese New Year Flower Arrangements

Blossoming Fortunes: Unveiling Our 2024 Chinese New Year Flower Arrangements

As we welcome the auspicious Year of the Dragon, we are thrilled to introduce our exquisite 2024 Chinese New Year Flower Arrangements. Each arrangement is a masterpiece, meticulously crafted to bring forth the spirit of renewal, prosperity, and joy. Join us on a journey through our diverse collection, where tradition meets contemporary elegance.

1. Prosperity In Everything 万事兴龙 Dimension: (D) 40 x (H) 70 cm

Step into a realm of prosperity with "Prosperity In Everything." This enchanting arrangement, inspired by the Chinese wish 万事兴隆, boasts lush pussy willows, sola peony, and gold artificial eucalyptus. Imagine a tranquil scene where delicate branches sway, whispering tales of success and abundance. The golden touch symbolizes opulence, creating a visual feast that is not just a gift but a timeless expression of well-wishes.


2. Get FuQi 福气满堂 Dimension: (L) 38 x (W) 25 x (H) 38 cm

May peace and love fill your heart with our "Get FuQi" Chinese New Year floral vase. Filled with preserved hydrangeas, sola flowers, cotton flowers, and a mixture of preserved, dried, and artificial fillers, this vase is a delicately arranged symphony that invites good fortune, happiness, and luck into your home. Embrace an auspicious ambience with this carefully curated masterpiece.

3. Oolong Prosperity Bloom 乌龙茶 Dimension: (D) 45 x (H) 50 cm

Celebrate the Lunar New Year in opulent style with "Oolong Prosperity Bloom." Infused with the essence of Oolong tea, this arrangement is a poetic tribute to traditions of renewal and prosperity. From pussy willows beckoning good fortune to the symbolic elements like preserved caspia and red golden balls, every detail speaks of a bountiful year ahead. And nestled within is a canister of Oolong tea, inviting moments of reflection and tranquility.

4. 小龙包 Blossom Delight Dimension: (D) 45 x (H) 50 cm

Introducing "小龙包 Blossom Delight," a fusion of tradition and contemporary charm. At its core is the playful Jellycat Fuddlewuddle Dragon, symbolizing strength and good fortune. Delicate Japan wood flowers, pussy willows, and preserved acacia seeds nod to Chinese traditions, infusing a sense of continuity and prosperity. With golden artificial eucalyptus, ginkgo leaves, and delicate orchids, this arrangement is a celebration of joy, luck, and the magical spirit of the Little Dragon.

As you explore our 2024 Chinese New Year Flower Arrangements, envision a year filled with laughter, prosperity, and boundless happiness. Each arrangement is not just a floral display but a wish for a flourishing and joyous year ahead. Embrace the symbolism, savor the beauty, and welcome the Lunar New Year in grandeur. May your homes be adorned with blossoming fortunes!


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