Are Preserved Flowers Really Worth The Price You Pay?

Are Preserved Flowers Really Worth The Price You Pay?

If you are new to buying flowers, their prices may initially astound you. A small to medium bouquet can cost between $50 to $100, and a bridal hand bouquet in Singapore usually costs upwards of $200. 

It seems to surprise many that preserved flowers are also priced at a similar range or may be even more on the higher end. However, when you purchase a flower arrangement, you are not just paying for the flowers themselves. Instead, you’re paying for the effort and expertise required to grow the plant, import costs, and the artistic direction of the floral artist. Moreover, preserved flowers require the extra process of preserving the blooms, which isn’t necessarily straightforward.

Since fresh flowers and preserved flowers are both seemingly expensive, one might wonder if there is a reason to choose one over the other. But on that note, preserved flowers may be more cost-effective than you think – it’s no wonder preserved flowers are becoming a new favourite trend. Here’s a look at why they are well worth the price you pay.


You can enjoy them for longer 

Let’s say that a fresh flower bouquet and a preserved flower bouquet both cost $80. The fresh blooms may last for about eight days before wilting, costing you $10 to enjoy them each day. On the other hand, the preserved flower bouquet would last you a year at minimum – or even more – costing you mere cents per day. 

Broken down into cost per day, preserved flowers are undeniably the better option in terms of the value they provide.


They are fuss-free 

Fresh flowers need care – if you’d like them to last longer, that is. Ideally, you would need to put them in water and change it regularly. Should you have more time and inclination to care for them, you can trim the stems and add some plant food to the water. 

However, the same can’t be said for preserved flowers. Technically, preserved flowers no longer live, so they need no water or food. The best thing you can do to care for them is to keep them in a dry environment, out of strong heat or direct sunlight. After that, it’s hands-off for you while you enjoy their beauty for months or years. In terms of time-cost, it’s safe to say that preserved flowers are the savers.


Think of it as art 

There’s a reason why famous art pieces cost millions of dollars. Likewise, preserved flower arrangements also require a lot of fine craftsmanship and artistry to create, as they often need to be put together painstakingly flower by flower, and stalk by stalk.

While a lot of effort goes into arranging fresh blooms as well, many preserved arrangements make use of tiny plant parts that are more tedious to arrange. And they do that while making sure the entire arrangement looks good, from the balance of the overall arrangement to the colour scheme of the design.


Preserved flowers work where fresh blooms don’t

Event florists would know the trouble when asked to put up flowers at a less-than-ideal location. Strong winds and harsh sunlight are some of the enemies of fresh flower arrangements.

While preserved florals require their own ideal conditions to keep them sprightly, nonetheless, they are generally more hardy, making them suitable for long-running events. For a way to enjoy elegant blooms without subjecting them to adverse conditions, preserved flowers in a jar are your answer.


Produced all year round

During peak seasons like Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day, fresh flower prices tend to increase due to their high demand. And with a low supply, there is no guarantee that the fresh flowers purchased during these peak seasons will be in their best condition. Often, the flowers received have yet to be bloomed.

On the contrary, preserved flowers are produced all year long, with only beautifully bloomed flowers specially handpicked to go through the process of preservation. Since preserved flowers are not seasonal, unlike fresh flowers, there is more time to prepare them, ensuring the best quality as they are prepared.



While preserved flowers may look costly on the upfront, there are some good reasons why they are absolutely worth the price tag.

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