4 Ways To Turn A Bouquet Into A Graduation-Ready Gift

4 Ways To Turn A Bouquet Into A Graduation-Ready Gift

If you have the honour of attending a loved one’s graduation soon, you must be brimming with pride and joy for them! While your support and presence are most crucial in this celebration, an additional way you can amp up the joyous mood is by gifting them a flower bouquet for the graduation ceremony. Not only is it a thoughtful gesture, but it will also help their photos of this milestone moment look even more spectacular! 

Almost any type of bouquet – including those made with trendy preserved flowers – can be gifted as a graduation gift, which is great if you are short of time and need to pick up something quick from the florist. But you can also choose a bouquet that is more apt for the occasion by following just a few quick tips.

Here are our favourite ways to turn a traditional bouquet into a graduation-ready one:


1. Add a graduation hat

Add a graduation hat

The graduation hat, or mortarboard, is the icon of any graduation. Made out of simple shapes – a cylinder and a square – you can easily make your own mini graduation hat out of some black or dark blue card and attach it to a bouquet. 

No time to get crafty? Leave it to the professionals! Each of SJÖ Flora’s ready-made graduation bouquets, like New Chapter, Milestone, and Breakthrough, are crafted specially with a ping pong chrysanthemum ‘donning’ a handcrafted mortarboard, so you don’t have to make it yourself. They even have little beady eyes and subtle spots of blush. Irresistibly adorable, we know!


2. Pick sunny sunflowers

Pick sunny sunflowers

Sunflowers signify good luck, fortune, and security – all the good things you want to wish to a new graduate who’s about to embark on the next step in their journey. And that’s precisely why graduation bouquets have become almost a classic amongst gift-givers in Singapore. 

That aside, sunflowers are also undoubtedly cheery and bright, making them fantastic for adding to the celebratory mood. Chase away any lingering feelings of sadness about leaving school for now, and let the sunny sunflowers from SJÖ Flora’s Gratitude bouquet add a vibrant punch to all the graduate’s photos!


3. Personalise the bouquet

Personalise the bouquet


Personalising a gift is always a sure way to let the recipient know that you’ve put in the time, effort, and thought into planning for their gift. Anyone can grab a last-minute bouquet at the door, but few will go into the details of customising the giftee’s name onto it!

When you choose a bouquet from SJÖ Flora, we offer customisation options that can be printed on the cellophane wrap of the bouquet. Of course, you can also add a greeting card to include more of your heartfelt thoughts and well wishes to the graduate. Beyond the pretty flowers, these are the words of encouragement and affirmation that will stick with them forever.


4. Colour coordinate

Colour coordinate

Are sunflowers too mainstream for you? Want a more unique and personalised option? Another approach you can take to choosing the bouquet flowers is by colour! If you know the school colours, you can select flowers that match the theme or the colour of the graduate’s gown. Usually, you can find out about the day’s colour scheme from the poster or event invitations and match the design’s theme.

In this aspect, dried and preserved flowers might be a better choice as these are sometimes available in dyed colours, offering more colour options than natural, fresh flowers. Besides, dried and preserved flowers last longer than fresh ones, giving your recipient a beautiful reminder of their milestone for a little longer.



Hopefully, you are now inspired and have a good idea of what type of graduation bouquet to go for! If not, why not give our bouquets a browse and see if there’s anything that catches your eye? In the event you cannot attend the graduation ceremony in person, you can also get your bouquet or perhaps a preserved flower jar delivered to their home after the event.

For the loveliest dried and preserved blooms, including interior décor and customised wedding hand bouquets in Singapore, SJÖ Flora is here for you. Explore more blooming beauties and floral gifts in our online florist today!

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